How to develop leadership charisma?


Of course boring leaders do not work. Smile more often, more willingly communicate.
Can not compare in charisma with the main merry-go-round of the collective? And you do not try to press him. It’s better to try to involve those team members who are more closed and shy in character. Such people know how to be thankful. Pay attention – the main part of the team – not activists, namely gray mice (or people who seem to them until close acquaintance).
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To be known as an optimist, take the rule never to ease the soul in public. Experiences, anxieties, fears need to be poured into a diary alone with yourself. Some psychologists recommend to get rid of negative emotions, picking up every morning before work three pages of the stream of consciousness. Try to set aside ten minutes after breakfast and get rid of all the unpleasant stuff, stuffing the text without editing.

Take on the difficult role of intermediary between groups that are formed in the team in a natural way. Invite a cup of tea during a break to someone from the next cabinet. Organize a couple of activities that bring together the participants – for example, a small tour, joint training.

To arrange something fascinating, it is by no means necessary to be a born massovik-zateynikom. The Internet is full of scenarios and jokes that you can use. At first you will need to carefully (up to home rehearsals) prepare to keep the attention of others, but in time the process will cease to require such significant efforts.

In order to cheer yourself up, make it a rule to dress well. Stylish clothing will certainly give you confidence.