Supreme Court appellate attorneys


In the many years that our Baton Rouge appeal lawyers have been practicing law, they have handled hundreds of appeal cases at the Supreme Court. Some of the motions and petitions that we handle include motions of habeas corpus in New Orleans, motions for post-conviction relief, motion to withdraw plea, motion to reduce sentence and petition for writ of certiorari. A motion of habeas corpus is normally the last lifeline for defendants who have utilized all their rights to appeal. We are also highly experienced in the procedure of seeking clemency and pardon.

Baton Rouge Appellate Litigation Firm

Baton Rouge lawyers combine years of experience, dedication and oral skills to present unwavering appeals at the state, federal and supreme courts. The high percentage of civil and criminal appellate litigations that we win can be credited to the high quality and detailed content of legal briefs and writs that we normally prepare. Aside from legal representation, our lawyers offer the best appellate legal counsel to individuals, companies or even other law firms. In the years that we have been practicing law, we have been involved in appeal cases emanating from different sectors of the economy such as the oil industry, politics, family, manufacturing, education and telecommunication.

Baton Rouge federal appeal lawyers represent clients all over Louisiana. Our clientele are diversified, as we represent individuals, small to large scale business and corporation in any civil, criminal or post-conviction appeal before the Court of Appeals, the Louisiana Federal Appellate Court, including the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal, and in the Supreme Court. We believe that each client has the right to appeal their conviction, regardless of what the crime was. Our job is to make sure the government follows the right procedures during prosecution. When they don’t, Brownstone has the experienced lawyers to fight for you.

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